If you suspect your website has been a victim of the latest Google Penguin or Panda updates, we can help

Have you noticed you site has dropped in the rankings? Or maybe it has disappeared altogether?

Maybe you are not sure but have experienced a significant drop in leads and traffic?

If you have seen any of the symptoms described above, it is highly likely your site has been penalized by Google, and you should act quickly. By getting in touch with is today you can minimalise the damage.

Generally speaking, Google dishes out to different types of penalties the websites; algorithmic penalties or manual penalties. Panda and Penguin penalties are triggered by the algorithm, and the aim of Penguin is to penalise websites that engage in actively building links using software and other blackhat methods that may pass page rank and improve a site’s position in the search results.

It is very important that you do something fast if you have been penalised by the latest Google Penguin or Panda updates. Contact us now and our team of search engine optimisation professionals will do a thorough audit of your site including text compare, to determine if it has become a Penguin or Panda victim. Once we have determined the cause of your penalty we will take the proper action to get the situation fixed as quickly as possible.