Content Marketing

While not a new concept, the term content marketing is relatively new. It is used to describe the creation of content that readers feel compelled to share. This results in lead generation and brand awareness, and therefore increases conversion rates and sales.

Increase trust with content marketing

Presenting content in the right way is fundamental, and the way it is displayed depends largely on what you want to achieve. Content creation may involve creating mini sites related to your niche, viral videos, informative blog posts, infographics, and images that readers are likely to share on their social media accounts. The most powerful thing about content marketing is that you are not focused on selling when you create valuable content – so it inspires trust, enhances brand recognition and loyalty, and while enjoying your content your audience does not get the impression they are engaging with a sales pitch.

At the Best Search Engine Optimisation London, we are experts in creating content that matches the online habits of your companies’ target audience. We can design a content marketing strategy that adds value to your brand and business with a tailor-made campaign to fit in with your business goals.

An effective content marketing campaign will also help your search engine optimisation, as fresh content goes a long way in helping your website perform well and increases rankings in the search engine’s results. Content marketing is a forceful way to target long tail search terms that are easy to rank for, and at the same time improve the performance of your website for more difficult competitive keywords.

Interesting and compelling content attracts links from other websites. and when done properly, you can gain important editorial links to your website from authoritative sites in your niche. However to achieve this, you must know what your audience are most interested in learning or reading about; once you have determined this you will find organic links come naturally.

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Working with us on your content marketing campaign means you will have a superior team of experts to guide you with through the best content creation process. We will develop a strategy to create exceptional content for your business website, for your social media accounts, for blogs, emails, white papers and various other types of digital media. We are scrupulous when it comes to analysing and measuring results, and are confident we can meet all your business content needs.

Get in touch today for a no-strings attached analysis of your current content strategy, and to find out how we can increase your profits with a custom content marketing campaign.