Local Search

It is estimated that when looking for a product or service, around 80% of customers perform a search online to find what they need. To get your business in front of these searchers it is important your website is optimised for local search. This is a highly effective way to gain customers who are ready to buy and attract new business.

Here at the Best Search Engine Optimisation London we use a selection of proven marketing strategies to get your business on top of local search. We use Google My Business, a number of third-party review sites and directory listings, along with video marketing, which helps your company get found by customers in your local area.

What exactly is a local search?

Local search is when a user does a search for a service and adds a location modifier. For example “hairdressers in Brighton”, or “plumber in London”. The results that come up show relevant businesses in the location required. Or there is another type of local search which in SEO circles is known as “implicit local search”. This is when a person doing the searching does not add a location, but Google will assume the searcher is looking for something local and will return local results. For example if you were walking in London and typed “beauty salon” into your mobile phone, Google will assume you are looking for something in the immediate area and return results accordingly.

If you employ us to improve your results for local search, we will claim and set up your business listing on Google my Business as well as on Bing, City Search, Brown Book, and a number of other online business directories depending on the industry you are in. Many businesses neglect to claim their listings or they set them up wrongly and therefore do not get the benefits of traffic from local searches. Connecting with your target audience in your area is very important to the success of your business, so get in touch with us today to get your site on top of the local search listings.