Social Media

With our social media services you can be sure you will never have your posts shared for the wrong reasons and you won’t find yourself on a ‘The 10 Biggest Social Media Epic Fail’ list. We also don’t take over your accounts entirely because we are very aware that people want to communicate with a business and not listen to endless one-way sales posts published by a marketing agency.

Our social media team will help you with creating reactive updates that hit a cord with your customers and further the conversation and increase your brand coverage. As well as providing and helping you with standard updates, we can also use social ads to improve your digital presence and create interest in a new service or product you offer. This can be through sponsored Tweets or trends, Facebook Ads, or PPC on YouTube.

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Ready to get serious about your social media marketing? Then let us perform a social media audit to determine how well your accounts are doing currently, assess the strategies of your competitors, and create an in-depth plan of attack depending on the results of our analysis.

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